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I am the proud site lead of two major companies, Cheminee Lining & Natcom. Among many projects, I had to upgrade autodesk softwares for our engineers to a recent version, and upgrade the vault as well. I have been part of the IFS upgrade where I had to put all scanguns to a newer version, a web client. I have also configured and installed a system of bell and buzzer for staff breaks and lunch times using a web relay. I have also been assigned the objective of upgrading all the users cell phones to brand new iPhones.

My day to day activities mostly consist of Windows deployments, tech supports, user service and hardware maintenance including laptops, desktops, printers, scanguns and iPhones to name a few. I am also a purchaser of all computers and technology equipment across Canada. This means I have to deal with quotes and purchase orders. I also happen to support other divisions from Cleaver-Brooks when assigned on projects.


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